“The whole idea is that you don’t think about what the hell ‘cloud storage’ means, you just use your phone. Only difference is, you never run out of storage.”

David Pierce

“Nextbit just might have a winner on its hands.”

Chris Velazco

“The timing couldn’t be better, now that carriers are shutting down two-year contracts in favor of lucrative, pay-over-time phone purchase plans.”

Nathan Olivarez-Giles

“This constant cycling of the data on the phone is what Nextbit points to as its big differentiator in the very crowded world of smartphones.”

Dan Seifert

“It’s a nifty solution to a problem that every smartphone owner is painfully aware of: as our phone’s cameras get better and better, our pictures and video get bigger and bigger. Losing that once-in-a-lifetime photo to an ‘out of storage’ error is awful.”

Greg Kumparak

“You use your phone like you always have, but you don’t have to manually back up photos or delete apps because you're running low on space.”

Christina Bonnington

“The big draw behind the Nextbit Robin is its focus on the cloud, with the phone intelligently backing up files and apps you haven't touched in a while to its cloud servers to save space on the phone.”

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

“It’s this two-way directional cloud feature which makes the Robin an interesting proposition in a time when more phone manufacturers (e.g. Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung) are starting to seal off storage expansion. ... All in all, Robin is the sort of Android device even stalwart iOS users will want to curiously inspect.”

Gregory Han

“When it comes to specs, the Nextbit Robin Smartphone is solid, if not a standout.”

“Things get interesting — even more interesting than its unique design — when the Robin starts to run low on space. Rarely used apps on the phone are automatically moved to the cloud and their icons turn gray.”

Ina Fried

“This sleek but unassuming smartphone isn’t an iPhone killer or a Galaxy killer ... Instead, it’s a problem killer, and it has its sights set on what is constantly listed near the top of smartphone users’ chief complaints with their phones: Storage space.”

Zach Epstein

“The real hook here is that the phone is tightly integrated with an unlimited cloud storage facility that can be used to quickly offload apps, photos, and other content from the phone when space is needed.”

Mark Sullivan

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